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“Gil Bettman’s insights on how to shoot with a moving camera helped me master my craft as a director. When I was doing my homework and designing my shots for Living the Dream and Embarque Imediato I often found myself referring the “The Five Tasks of a Good Moving Master” approach which Gil teaches.”

- Allan Fiterman, Cinematographer/ Director, LIVING THE DREAM, EMBARQUE IMEDIATO

“Gil Bettman’s lessons on the importance of moving camera play a part in my direction on shows such as The Real World and Making The Band. As a producer, I pass on Gil’s techniques to my directorial teams to ensure we have camera movement that provides the dramatic intensity associated with documentary television.”

- Matthew Ruecker, Producer, RETURN TO DUTY, THE REAL WORLD

“As a professional cinematographer, I love moving the camera. When I began to direct I turned to Gil Bettman. His guidance and teaching has taught me the importance of moving the camera to convey emotion and to help tell the story, rather than move to make a cool shot. When I directed Starkweather, I often found myself referring to Mr. Bettman’s teachings.”

- Byron Werner, Cinematographer/ Director, STARKWEATHER

“Gil Bettman’s insights on how to shoot with a moving camera helped me hone my craft as a director. He has an ultra-modern approach on how to weave and integrate dynamic camera motion into a narrative— an approach which certainly found its way into The Fourth Kind.”

- Olatunde Osunsanmi, Director, THE FOURTH KIND, WITHIN

“Gil Bettman has lucidly set down the ABCs of directing so that dedicated students can learn exactly what will be required of them when they step onto a set.”

- Robert Zemeckis, Director, FORREST GUMP, BACK TO THE FUTURE