Directing the Camera

Gil Bettman’s lessons on visual design contained in his new book, Directing the Camera, impart not only the best of the classical techniques mastered by Hitchcock, Wells and Kubrick but also provide practical instruction on the use of the hyper-kinetic style of contemporary directors such as Tarrantino, Cuaron, and Wong Kar Wai. Even more importantly, Gil’s lessons provide aspiring filmmakers an excellent understanding of how to use images in the service of their stories. Because of his exceptional ability to teach aspects of the directing craft that are often over-looked at film schools, we have invited Gil repeatedly to FAMU to conduct his workshops. When colleagues from other top schools ask which teacher from Hollywood knows best how to teach the language of film, I immediately reply, “Gil Bettman”. Directing the Camera extends the reach of a gifted teacher who has a profound understanding of his craft and a genuine passion to convey it to others.
                                                    - Pavel Jech, Dean (formerly), FAMU, Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague