Hollywood Film School: Filmmaking & TV Directing Masterclass

Decided to use the internet to share my lessons with the world online – Alex Ferrari – a master salesman, provided me with a platform and the promotional muscle needed to do this. More than 8000 students have bought the course.

Want to learn how great directors create award-winning films? Want to learn how to become a working Hollywood director in Television or Film?

In this online course you’ll learn When to Move the Camera in your next film and video production. The key here is that camera movement must be invisible. It should serve the story without calling attention to itself. Next, learn How To Move the Camera most effectively by systematically fulfilling Five Tasks when designing each moving master shot. Finally, learn how a master of visual design like Zemeckis customizes his application of these Five Tasks to the unique demands of each scene.

Veteran film and television director Gil Bettman will teach you how to enhance drama and heighten action by using different lenses. This is the key to Lensmanship – the technique which Spielberg borrowed from Wells, Kubrick and others to transform the look of today’s films.

Once you have grasped Lensmanship you are ready for the final lesson — How to Shoot Action Sequences. Gil will show you how Kathryn Bigelow, John Woo and others ignite the screen by putting the camera in the right place and using the right lenses. 

Here is a trailer for this online version of me teaching the lessons in my book Direc1ng the Camera. The online version of the course is available on Udemy and is en1tled “Hollywood Filmmaking and Television Direc1ng Masterclass.

“Gil Bettman’s insights on how to shoot with a moving camera helped me hone my craft as a director. He has an ultra-modern approach on how to weave and integrate dynamic camera motion into a narrative— an approach which certainly found its way into The Fourth Kind.”

- Olatunde Osunsanmi, Director, THE FOURTH KIND, WITHIN

“Gil Bettman has lucidly set down the ABCs of directing so that dedicated students can learn exactly what will be required of them when they step onto a set.”

- Robert Zemeckis, Director, FORREST GUMP, BACK TO THE FUTURE